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    April 19, 2013
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the day combing for details on these two suspects. we begin with patti lee. she is live in watertown massachusetts not far from everything going on. i understand you have new video to release. >> this is video i took when the stand off started. the video you're about to see is basically how this unfolded. we were at a location that was a shelter in place area. in the middle of watertown when they called the shelter in place off. then we saw a roll of cars stream back into town like -- lights and sirens on and shortly after that we heard a volley of fire. so just shots fired and at that point, what you're about to see is kind of chris paxton and i,
chasing the police into this neighborhood where, where they finally caught this suspect. so what you're seeing now is, basically all of these officers kind of surrounding this area and, and later engaging the suspect. and so we were watching from a vantage point in the parking lot. but prior to that you can see that we were able to get as close as we could to the crime scene when the authorities told us that we were probably going to get hurt. due to the fact that there were some shots fired and that we were too close to the gunfire. >> you get a feel of how close you are. can you take us through what you saw moments after he was
arrested? >> they would never confirm he was arrested. even though you could hear it on the scanner. we saw police kind of shaking hands. high fiving, there was some applause up on the hill. at that point we knew it was over. so that was, and now, everybody is leaving this area. it's just a mass exdouse of fbi agents, police cars, police officers and even bystanders who had gathered in the corner are now leaving. so their only question is why lift the shelter in place if they were about to move in and that is an answer that i'm sure police will answer later. >> we're looking at live pictures it is dark there. we see people standing around in the sidewalk. have you been able to in the last few minutes, have you been able to talk with any people standing around about how they're feeling after 20 hours of searching that they finally
got their man. >> we spoke briefly with one man who had come down to the scene to take a look. he was the one who brought up the why call off the shelter in place where there was still a potential threat around. maybe that was a tactical move. that's something again the police will have to talk about later. but, i'm not sure if he was relieved. i think he expected them to get this guy given the massive dragnet that had taken all day. kind of an unprecedented shut down. i can't think of a time when this has ever happened in any city in the united states where, schools and businesses in every part of the city were shut down. you know on the off chance that this bomber might be in the neighborhood. so, it was funny, nobody seemed to think that it was, that he
would not be brought into custody. it was a matter of when. i guess it's a boston thing. but they're like yeah of course they're going to get this guy. maybe that's just a, you know the understated ways that bostonians express themselves. >> have they let you get any closer, from what we understand they are still sweeping that area because they were very concerned about the fact that this suspect may have had explosives on him or with him while he was hiding in the backyard. in the boat in that backyard. are they letting you get any closer now. >> they finally let us get in the doing. it required a chain of command. even though we knew the suspect was in custody. as far as us getting closer to that original scene, we haven't tried to get any closer at this
point. we don't want to press our luck but we will talk to some of the these officers who are in the perimeter and see what is possible. and if there's still going to be a search. at this point i don't see bomb sniffing dogs. i don't see a lot of activity anymore that had taken place earlier today. but you know, for now it does look like this area is clearing out. >> all right, patti lee live on the phone for us there. just a couple of blocks away from where all of this happened there. giving us a sense of what it was all like late this evening. mike mibach has been monitoring the situation all day as well as these new details emerged. he's in the newsroom now. mike. >> just a while day in watertown massachusetts, frank. i mean what a turn of events. we've had a couple of them after an overnight shooting and man hunt involving hundreds of officers. police come out at 3:20 this afternoon hour time and say we're drawing back to tactical
team. the stay in place has been lifted. we just cannot find suspect two. but just a few moments, shots are heard, officers focus on a property. before the sun sets, suspect number two apparently was surrounded by s.w.a.t. 4:55, a number of explosions were heard in or around that property. now here we are one of the most wanted men in america now in custody. and at tonight's scene, law enforcement officials were being very precautious, how big a man hunt was this. hundreds of people were told to hunker in place as officers were searching. in cambridge where they believed the brothers lived and
at darmuth where the 19-year- old was enrolled. he was seen cruising around quote laid back just a couple of days ago after the bombs went off in boston on monday here we are tonight. all eyes on watertown. population a little over 100,000 people. as boston pd says suspect number two now in custody. one of the big images coming out of that area tonight are a crowd of officers and residents cheering as word spread that number two was indeed in custody. live tonight in the newsroom. mike mibach, ktvu news. a former atf member explained to us how the explosives work. >> when the pressure cooker boils, you've got most anything
from broken glass to nails, screws, anything along those lines to make additional shrapnel. >> there are inherent risks in the job of a bomb technician but he says protecting people is always the first priority. it has been a very dramatic and chaotic 24 hours or so for the boston area. >> [ bleep ] get down. >> reporter: that was police late last night with their guns drawn yelling at a person on the street to get down on the ground. boston and the surrounding areas were essentially shut down with no bus or subway service. people being told stay in their homes do not go outside while police and s.w.a.t. teams flooded the area. well that police activity last night was during the man hunt for the younger of two brothers. the two brothers. tonight there are two very different descriptions of those brothers suspected in the boston marathon bombings.
ktvu's eric rasmussen has been going through comments of the men's friends and family who have been speaking out for the first time. >> their uncle called the men losers. their parents say they are good boys. but the idea that these two brothers who had been living in the u.s. for 10 years could be responsible for the bombings and killings of a police officer have brought out strong emotions from people who knew them. friends and family of these two brothers didn't immediately recognize them. even after the fbi released video and surveillance video on thursday. but as soon as they were identified at 26-year-old tamerlan and 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev, their uncle spoke out. >> i say dzhokhar, if you are alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness from the victims, from the injured and from those who left. as forgiveness from these people. >> i'm suspicious that this was staged.
the picture was staged. >> reporter: a much different response from the brother's aunt in ontario. in russia both the mother and father said they refuse to believe that their son is responsible for the bombings and killing of an mit police officer. >> someone framed them. i don't know who but someone framed them. >> it's impossible for them to do these things. so i'm really, really really, really feeling that this is a set up. >> now former classmates of the second suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev say he was a happy student. but a mechanic said he seemed extremely nervous and even seemed like the 19 was on drugs. the fbi used social media to get the suspects pictures to
spread quickly. but facebook and twitter has gotten the public involved in a different way. robert handa is live with that part of the story. >> reporter: social heed kwra -- media seems to be a part of every aspect of this story. social media was also used by people on the look out for the men on the run. people in watertown were able to keep track of the search for the boston marathon suspects and go on social media to see and hear the men themselves along with video and messages they posted. >> in boston, social media becomes a record of these folks activity. it's really a tracking record of the way you think, the way you act and a lot of things
that you do. >> people would up load footage that they were filming as things were happening. people let each other know what's going on in their part of town very quickly. so you don't have to call 25 people. you can postit on your facebook page. >> social media helped some people get involved. when it turns out that the suspects had muslim backgrounds, leaders jumped on social media. >> if you see anything suspicious, or if they see any of the suspects to report it to police. >> reporter: the flip side, last night boston police stopped tweeting. >> the fact that this guy could read your tweets or become a follower of some of these key officers is difficult. but it could happen. >> reporter: and as you can imagine, the active on social media is running very high right now and chances are it
won't go down very much even after police tweeted the suspect had been captured. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu news. a chilling and remarkable story about the suspect who lost both of his legs in monday's bombings. bloomberg news says valman high asked for a paper and pen. he said saw the guy, looked right at me. he then provided an exact description. noelle walker is in dublin where they've been in touch with officers in boston. >> we're here at the emergency
operation center in dublin. we've been watching what's happening in boston. if what is happening in boston were happening here, they would be here. there is a thin blue line that ties law enforcement searching for a bombing suspect in the area to law enforcement here in alameda county. the coit is from s.w.a.t. officers in boston that trained in the shield program. think about s.w.a.t. training on steroids. >> the shield training program is a developed so that all first responders get used to responding to one critical major event. >> reporter: that major event for boston is happening now. from the time the bombs went off to the ongoing search for the suspect, the urban shield
techniques are being put to the test. >> i hope it's made the boston team more confident and better prepared. >> this is where the command communications and control would happen if there was an emergency in alameda. >> we have the authority to bring 35 inputs at the same time. >> reporter: the operation center in dublin has space for all the key players. >> this place would be buzzing but it would be buzzing in an orchestrated organized fashion. we take for granted our safety but issues like this remind us that at any given time the terrorists who want to do evil and hurt a mass amount of people can and will do that. >> reporter: when the unmanageable is imagined, we're prepared. >> now on a personal note i've covered something like this on one of my first jobs. it was mid-missouri.
there was a suspect that had target and killed several law enforcement officials and it put an entire tiny town on lock down. i remember the streets being emptied, businesses being closed and people who i was interviewed would answer their door with a shotgun slung over their shoulder. thankfully in the boston area that part of the nightmare is over. i did ask sheriff ahern when they find the suspect how would they approach him. they said knowing that he's used explosive, knowing that he's killed people they're going to approach him with great care and caution. as we've seen unfold here that's exactly what they've done. reporting live in dublin, noelle walker. we want to go back live to watertown massachusetts where all of this has been happening. the suspect arrested within the past hour or so. ktvu's patti lee is in watertown. she was just a couple of blocks away. heard all of the gunshots. saw everything as it was
happening. patti what is it like right there right now? >> reporter: talk about a change in attitude. we've got people out lining the streets. every time a police car or any kind of emergency vehicle comes by, this group starts cheering and this is happening up and down the street. this is arsenal ware. where there's a lot of activity today. here we go. this is what we're talking about. i don't know if you can hear that. you can hear the cheers up and down arsenal as this convoy of cars is coming down. they are leaving the parking lot where the photographer chris and i were for several hours tonight. we just want to make sure you can hear these guys cheer. these are folks who have been in their house all day. they are so relieved. they are so happy that this ordeal is finally over.
that they are safe. and we've been talking to crionza who can't believe this is finally over. so i can show you the celebration all night. but a lot of happy very relieved folks here right now. crianza. tell us how you're feeling right now after a long day. >> i am very happy. thank you, thanks for everybody. this is wonderful job. oh, thank you guys. >> thank you. >> reporter: so a lot of celebration tonight. especially after a very tense stand off. a lot of very frighten sounds. explosions, gunshots now a little bit of celebration and obviously the police are very happy to get this kind of applause. reporting live in watertown, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and patti i'm just curious what your day. this is a very tense situation. i know you probably have never been in a situation quite like this before. describe for us the intensity
and the fear that was on the streets at the height of all of this when that massive man hunt was under way for this suspect. and then the turn of events but take us back and what was it like for you and your photographer chris. >> you know, since we were running on adrenaline and we had a couple of minutes to talk about this. you know chris must have run a mile chasing the police officers before he decided. well you know we can probably catch them much more quickly in the car. and you know, when you see this video that we shot where we are chasing the officers who are carrying these you know incredible weapons, we're thinking, what were we thinking. at the same time though, you know it was one of those things that you do as this is what we do for a living. it's like our first instinct to go after this story. and it's only later that i think i felt scared where,
where i felt wow what was i thinking i was in the line of fire. i should have gotten out of the way. but you know quickly now that it's all over and everybody is happy again. i'm like, oh no big deal. but you know at the time, at least not at the time but shortly after that situation, i had a moment of, i really need to you know be very careful as, as everyone there i think felt. the imminent danger of what could happen here. >> patti, you say here while it was going on you weren't thinking about your personal safety but were there any moments during all of this. you were a couple of blocks away. you heard the shots being fired. you heard the explosion. we saw that raw video a little while ago of you basically running for cover. were there moments at all during all of this where you
were concerned about your safety? >> reporter: of course. i mean but i wasn't actively worried about my safety where i was paralyzed. but certainly the first time we were moved back i think we were just running on adrenaline. we weren't thinking about safety as much as trying to catch up with police. by the time we were moved back the second time and we had heard the gunshots, it was definitely i think if that video of me hiding behind the car, that the point i was definitely cognizant of the danger. and i was very aware of what could happen and i, i certainly stayed well behind any sheet of metal that i could find. >> patti, the suspect he was reportedly rushed to a local hospital. i don't know if there are any police local centers or local officials that you can find out for us the next few minutes the condition of this 19-year-old man. as soon as he was taken --
taken into custody he was rushed to the hospital. see if you can find that information out for us. >> reporter: we will definitely do that. >> obviously they kept you quite far away during all of this. but now that the suspect has been arrested, how close can you get to the house where he was hiding out? >> reporter: we're going to find out once we're done with this live shot. for now, most of these officers you can see are leaving this scene. we were just to give you a sense of where everything is, what we believe is this neighborhood is right where the helicopter is flying. you can see this helicopters with the lights on. they are sending a picture of
what they're shooting to the command center. that's why they were here all night they were setting it up for the s.w.a.t. teams to move in. when they shined that light very briefly tonight. apparently that was so they could see exactly where the suspect was. we were 300 feet over here. you can see the relative distance from the parking lot to where the house was. so, we probably will be able to get close but you know what the helicopter is doing, maybe they are looking for any remaining things in that yard. but for now it is just a very, very relieved community out here. you can hear the cheers, you can see the happy smiling faces. i mean it has been a very long day. for the residents of watertown. certainly for me and for chris and we're glad that it ended
very well out here in watertown. back to you. >> we'll let you go back and hopefully get some new pictures and see how close you can get there to the house where this suspect was hiding out and where he was arrested. probably about an hour or so ago. thank you very much patti lee live in watertown, massachusetts. doctors at beth israel hospital in boston are describing how they tried to save suspect number one. tamerlan tzarnaev. they said he was brought in suffering of trauma. >> we believe gunshots. >> how many. >> an explosive device, possibly shrapnel. thermal. >> can you describe. >> it was multiple wounds. >> another trauma surgeon said he lives in watertown and heard those gunshots and explosions last night. so he then raced to the hospital. >> the suspects father spoke to
reporters today in russia and he said he thinks his sons were framed. >> somebody clearly framed them. i don't know who exactly framed them but they did. they framed them. and then they were so cowardly that they shot the boy dead. there are policemen like that. >> anzor tsarnaev called his younger son a true angel. said he was intelligent. he asked his son to turn himself in. and he said if they killed his younger son, quote all hell would break lose. >> i said dzhokhar if you're alive, turn yourself in. and ask for forgiveness. >> that's his uncle ruslan at his home in maryland. he has angry words for his nephew. he first learned his nephews were suspects when he saw their
pictures online. he said their family are ethnic chechnyan and muslims but what his nephews did have nothing to do with religion. again the situation is one of relief at this house in the community of watertown massachusetts after police arrested that second suspect within the past hour. we have crews there and here in the ktvu newsroom works to get more details on this still unfolding story. >> [ bleep ], get down >> plus we break down the trail of crimes that led fbi agents and s.w.a.t. teams to watertown and how one of the suspects in the boston bombing ended up dead. Ășn
we are back now with our extended coverage of the situation unfolding in watertown, massachusetts. and we're showing a live picture from the scene where there is a lot of relief at this hour that the second suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was arrested tonight. he was rushed th